So its been a couple of weeks since my Paris trip. There’s always mixed feelings after this kind of trip, like post event blues after all the excitement has died down and its back to reality.

Its good to use this time to reflect on the trip and to work on a healthy recovery strategy. The body is a tough thing, but something like this can certainly take its toll and even when you think your back to a full tank, you just need that little extra time.

Initially when I got back, even though I was so tired from lack of sleep I just couldn’t sleep properly, I kept waking up early and my hunger patterns were all over the place.

I’ve done a few recovery rides to get the legs turning, the blood flowing and flushing of toxins but I still have some outstanding niggles that just seem to be lingering on. I’ve also been stretching and also using a foam roller to release any tension from the muscles.

My patella tendon has been very troublesome, but I am lucky to have the awesome team at the Kinesis Clinic to help me out with massage, acupuncture and some laser treatment to help with the healing process.

I have to admit, I have been pretty frustrated with it all (that’s why this post has taken me so long), but I finally have accepted that it’s through these times where we come out the other side even stronger.

It was only last October I had knee surgery (for the fifth time), and although it was a minor surgery in the end (to remove a plica), the recovery was actually one of the hardest and life took a dark turn for few months.

I struggled to come to terms with the fact that I just had to slow down; in fact, I actually had to learn to walk all over again. It took me a long time mentally to accept this and there were many dark days where I just wanted to shut the whole world out.

I’ll never forget this time, as although it was one of my lowest in life and it did take a while to get over it, I learnt to be strong, to be patient and I have come out the other side stronger for it – I never for one moment through that time thought I’d be cycling to Paris and back in four days!!

There seems to be a pattern here, that by working through these hard times, we grow stronger and so from any negativity there always is a much bigger positive in the end – just got to keep the faith!

So although I have been frustrated, I just have to put on my ‘pants of perspective’ as Anna McNuff would say, as I know that this is just a tiny drop in the vast ocean of adventure I have recently discovered and soon enough these niggles will be a distant memory.

Check back on Sunday when I will be revealing the next Spicey adventure!


Love n hugs! x