It’s been a week since I returned to the UK from my Greek adventure and although it was a tough decision to make, I know it was the right one.

When you’ve got big plans ahead and you get the opportunity to train all day in the consistent sunshine, surrounded by the beautiful clear blue ocean and a gorgeous island to explore all day on your bike, you’d jump at it right??

Sounds like a dream and it is, but sometimes dreams don’t always fit in with your reality…

My big plan involves cycling 150+ miles a day for many days/weeks in a row and so riding my bike around Zante all day sounded like the perfect way to train, however there are so many different elements to consider when working 6-days a week and training for a trip of this size.

The biggest thing I have learnt is just how important a stable and consistent training environment is if you need to get to that 100% commitment.

Food, sleep, nutrition and stress have all been big factors which have changed and been sporadic since being in Greece and although I initially thought it would work well to combine the two efforts (training and cycling guide job) it hasn’t worked out that way.

Unfortunately, I just didn’t adapt to my new environment as well as I had hoped which led to a number of issues both mental and physical, which ultimately led to my decision to leave the gorgeous island of Zante and return to the UK to a stable training environment in preparation for my next big challenge.

For you see, I’ve got some big plans…. some BIG BIG plans and unfortunately the dream job hasn’t allowed me to do both.

I have had an absolutely amazing time in Greece, I have learnt so much, met some amazing people and I do hope I have brought joy to many people’s holidays. Although I feel sad to leave Zante and the beautiful Peligoni Club, ultimately I know it is the right decision to focus 100% on my training and already since returning to the UK I have a lot more control over my environment, I feel much physically healthier, mentally focused and I never ever thought I would be relieved to have cooler temperatures and even rain to train in!!!

Needless to say announcements will be coming soon to reveal the next step in the plan.

I hope you have enjoyed following my journey through Zante and I would definitely recommend it for a cycling holiday, the roads are incredible and The Peligoni Club a stunning place to stay.

Stay tuned for Spiceys next cycling adventure!