Spiceys Mini-Big Adventure #1

OK, so its time to reveal the plan!... I've been trying to think of a way to test out my endurance, taste some real adventure in foreign lands and also see if I can cope living out a bag for a few days. I set off tomorrow. The Challenge: Cycle to Paris and back in [...]

Chiltern Fosse 200km and Lessons Learnt

Its 05:15 on a Saturday morning and the alarm goes off. ‘Seriously?!’ I think to myself… 'urgh, here we go'. I struggle to drag myself out of bed, I hadn’t managed much sleep, about 5 hours which is not a lot for someone who absolutely can't function without their sleep. I was feeling too nervous and [...]

Throw caution to the wind! 10 days to go

I've been busy prepping for my next adventure, this one is going to be a big one! It is going to be my first solo self-supported trip venturing into lands unknown and pushing my limits to the furthest they have ever been! My Apidura packs arrived today and this is another step towards this big [...]