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24/240 – What really happened?

It’s 6am, I’ve been pedalling for an hour and a half since my four hour nap to get over the last 120 miles. The suns coming up, but my hearts starting to sink for I’ve entered the valley of doom…. Continue Reading →

Cycling in Zankynthos…What’s it REALLY like???

Hey you lot! So it’s been a while since I have posted, I have been super busy out and about on the bike. I’ve had a chance to settle into the rides, get some regular routes and it’s been fun… Continue Reading →

“It happens to the best of us….”

“It happens to the best of us…” at least that’s what they say, but does it really??! Last week was my first week on the job as the Cycle Guide with real customers and everything!! The last few weeks have… Continue Reading →

Zankynthos, First Impressions

So I arrived on the island of Zankynthos, Greece on Sunday 14th May 2017. Filled with mixed emotions, nervous, excited and filled with questions as I ventured into the unknown. The flight was pleasant enough, although a very early start… Continue Reading →

Spiceys Greek Adventure!!

I am super pleased to announce that I will be flying out on Sunday 14th May for my next adventure which will take me to Greece to work as Head of Cycling for The Peligoni Club on the beautiful island… Continue Reading →

Guildford > Paris & Back: Day 4 Newhaven to Guildford 61 miles

So due to the extended milage and hours in the saddle I have decided to take today nice and easy. I have to admit that last night my legs started burning, and I think that due to the long break… Continue Reading →

Guildford > Paris & Back: Day 3 Paris to Dieppe 100 miles

The alarm goes off at 5am and by this point I have trained the mind to not even ask questions and just get straight into ‘get on with it’ mode. I pack and get all my gear down the little… Continue Reading →

Guildford > Paris & Back: Day 2 Calais to Paris 185 miles

“If a cyclist wees in the woods and there’s no one around to hear it, did it really happen?”   Day two was always going to be the big day for me. Yesterday was really just about getting to the… Continue Reading →

Guildford > Paris & Back: Day 1 Guildford to Dover – 108 miles

So if any of you know me, I am a bit of a lastminute.com kind of person… I like to call it spontaneous! Haha. I’d prepped for this trip to an extent, but sometimes its fun to leave things up… Continue Reading →

Spiceys Mini-Big Adventure #1

OK, so its time to reveal the plan!… I’ve been trying to think of a way to test out my endurance, taste some real adventure in foreign lands and also see if I can cope living out a bag for… Continue Reading →

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